Spanish Tortilla

Super easy. I used one big potato that had been staring me in the face for weeks and the leftover grease from Meg cooking sausage..

Wrapped it up in foil because it went to our Easter picnic in the park..


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The trick is to cut the potato real thin and cook everything a little until combining. This is the first time I put the pan in the oven to finish cooking. Usually I try to flip it and make a mess of things.. But with my new cast iron.. amazing results.


  • 1 large russet potato, peeled
  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 scallion, diced
  • oil (or sausage/bacon grease)
  • 5 eggs
  • shredded cheese (I used Parmesan)

Cut the potatoes as thin as you can. I used the mandoline and cut them at the second thinnest setting. Cut the onion also, super thin. Cook the potato in the pan with some oil, just one layer and just for a minute or two, until soft and tender. Repeat with oil and potato and then the onion. You don’t want to brown any of this, just get it soft.

Put everything into a bowl and let it cool down. Add the scallions. It can be warm but you just don’t want it super hot.

Scramble up the eggs really well and then pour them into the potato mix. It should seep into the cracks of everything and just cover it. Shake the bowl a little to make this happen.

Make sure your medium pan is greased really well and warmed up over a medium flame. The pour in the mixture and pat it down with a spoon. The egg will just be visible on top but not drenching the filling. Season if you need to.

Now, don’t touch it. Cook until you can start to see the egg is cooked on the sides and the middle starts to set, but it is still eggy. Sprinkle on the cheese and slide it into a 350 oven for 10 minutes or so. it should look done in the middle and a knife will come out clean if you poke it.

The trick here is getting it out. Use a blade to lift the sides and then a spatula to lift up some of the bottom. Then flip the whole thing over onto a plate and pound on the pan. Lift up the pan, and Tortilla!

You can always wrap it in foil and take it on the go.

Or the leftovers are great on cheese toast or as salad toppings..

Especially cold. Hmm.. Cold, spanish tortilla..

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