Sourdough Crumpet

My sourdough starter is my new obsession..

I am making these gorgeous sourdough loaves,

And a healthy starter smells like booze and vinegar.. yum.

You can just take a huge breath in and be intoxicated..

But the starter leftovers, they give me great anxiety. When you feed your starter once a week (or so), there is so much left over (that people tell you to throw away..

You know the easiest thing to do? Just drop the starter leftovers in a hot pan and cook it up. No added flour. No baking complex things.

Just delicious boozy, vinegary crumpets. Good for topping, dipping, or just buttering and eating.

I will never buy tortillas again. (maybe)

sourdough crumpet
sourdough crumpet with lox


  • sourdough starter
  • oil

So this one is not really a recipe.

But get yourself a sourdough starter, make sourdough, fry up the leftover starter when you feed it. Put some oil in a medium hot pan, pour in the starter, wait for it to bubble up before flipping it (like pancakes), and cook the other side until it is done.

Top with glorious things (like lox and arugula)..

booozzyyy gooodnesss

sourdough loaf

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