Pork Feta Pizza

Do you know what happens when you roast a whole pig in the backyard?

Lots of f*cking pork. So much pork.

So much.

And then you eat tacos and burritos and mix it in eggs and make soups and eat it for all meals, and you still have so much pork left.

And yet you find out new things in all this quantity. The most surprising thing for me was the pork feta banana pepper flavor combo.

Pork and feta.

Do it.


  • tortillas (or pizza dough)
  • pulled pork
  • feta
  • banana peppers
  • tomatoes

What. Make a tortilla pizza (or an actual pizza) by toasting up a tortilla in a pan and once crisped up, top it with pork and feta and tomatoes and banana peppers. Bake it in the oven for a few minutes until the cheese melts.

And eat it.

Good luck with that pork.. Just don’t let it stop you from making a whole pig. It is stupid fun.

April 7, 2019 Comments (0) Meat, Pizza

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