Pizza Croutons

This story goes like this. We are at a wedding and it is 2am and we are hungry, you know how that goes…

I eat a piece of pizza, and Meg takes a bite and says that it tastes like the fridge..

And then for some reason, we take the pizza home with us.

This is what you do with pizza that tastes like the fridge.


  • pizzacroutons1
  • pizzacroutons3
  • pizzacroutons2


  • leftover pizza
  • oil
  • salad stuff

If you have two pieces, put one on top of the other, with the cheese sides in. If you have one piece, just cut it in half and stack. Cut into crouton shapes. Carefully, in a hot pan with some oil in it, fry them up, flipping once after they have melted together but before the crust starts to burn.

Completely inspired by Thrillist.

Then drop them into a salad. I like mine with an over light egg and some cottage cheese, which mixed together makes a delicious and cheap dressing.

Oh, and congrats to Kelly and Joe and their new journey…


June 6, 2015 Comments (0) Pizza, Salads

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