Pink Pickled Egg Salad

Alas, I did some red onion pickling, and they were so good that we ate them so quickly.

Enter, the leftover pickling juice.

I put hard boiled eggs in there for a few days and then chopped them up and put them in salads, quinoa bowls, and this amazing egg salad snack.

Also, the egg slicer kitchen tool is my favorite. I used it to dice the egg, and then dice the string cheese, cutting it into thirds and rotating it after every slice.



Makes 1.


  • 1 pink pickled egg, diced
  • 1 string cheese. diced
  • a small amount of diced cucumber
  • a small amount of rye sauerkraut I had, diced
  • a bit of fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 1 small squirt of mustard (1 tsp?)
  • 1 packet of hot sauce (1 tsp?)
  • salt and pepper

Mix it all up and put on some toast. So good.

So good.

Wait til you see what I do with the mushrooms that I dropped into the leftover (again) pickling juice with soy sauce..


January 23, 2017 Comments (0) Eggs, Salads

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