Ham Sammies and Eggs

I went to the bar, and there was an office party with a giant sammy spread.

And we crashed it.

Took sammies home with me and found them in my bag the next morning, wrapped up in napkins. Classic.

Fried up with eggs, they will take care of your hangover.

I just wonder how many of them they threw away at the end of the night..


  • hamsammies1
  • hamsammies2
  • hamsammies3



  • leftover ham sammies with cheese
  • eggs
  • pat of butter

I took the sammies apart. Put the buns with cheese on them in the oven to toast them up. In a pan, add the ham slices and fry up over medium heat until they get hot and crispy. Then remove and place on top of the bread. In the hot pan, melt the butter, and then add the eggs. Fry up to your liking and then place on top of the ham buns.



December 6, 2015 Comments (0) Eggs, Leftovers of Leftovers

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