Grilled Celery & Feta Salad

I hate raw celery.

There it is.

I can sauté it for stuffing or casseroles. Pureed for soup? Yum.

But it is grilling season, and I am anxious about the impending winter, so I am still grilling everything.

Can you grill celery to make it delicious?


Add cheese. Oh, and pickled onions. Do you know about my pickled onion obsession?

Well, I have one. New pandemic staple.


  • a head of celery, trimmed and washed (save the ends for your freezer stock veggie pile)
  • oil!
  • seasonings – I think I used za’atar here..
  • quick pickled red onions (or thin sliced onions, soak them in water or vinegar for an hour or so to cut the bite)
  • feta!

Grill the celery by dousing it in oil and seasonings. Za’atar works nice here but you could do all kinds of things.. Add to a hot grill and grill grill grill, turning occasionally until it is soft and browned up: 10 or 15 minutes?

Take it off and chop it up into bite sized pieces.. Add things. Like quick pickled onions and chopped feta. Season.

So simple and good.

I am grilling celery now forever.

October 24, 2020 Comments (0) Favorites, Salads, Sides, Vegetables

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