Fried Baloney Wrap

Because the holidays are weird and sometimes people come to see you and leave baloney in your fridge..

Add in some gourmet mushrooms cooked really slowly. And cheese, of course. Cheddar.





  • sliced baloney
  • cheddar cheese slices
  • a few tomatoes, chopped
  • scallions, sliced
  • small tortillas
  • mushrooms

Cook up the baloney in a hot pan until it gets crispy good. Then use that grease to cook up the mushrooms. Add the cheese, baloney, tomatoes, scallions and mushrooms to the tortilla and wrap it up.

Super good. Tasty. Salty. Savory snack.


December 5, 2015 Comments (1) Sandwiches

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  1. Aunt Anne says:

    I would so definitely eat this!

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