Fried Apples with Herb Crusted Pork

The pork chops are easy.

Coat them in herbs and fry them up in some oil. 

Then take that leftover oil and fry up your apple slices. If you eat it all together (with leftover mashed potato cauliflower, leftover from Mustard Beef Stew), it is heaven.

Oh, first go apple picking. 

Your apples will taste better, and you will have lots of them..



  • a big splash of oil
  • two thin pork chops
  • some fresh herbs chopped up (2 tbsp?), rosemary, basil, and thyme
  • a little bit of shredded cheese, optional
  • 1 apple, sliced

Heat up the oil in a medium hot pan. Season the pork chops, place the herbs and cheese on a plate, and pat the chops onto the plate, coating both sides. Fry up in the oil and cook both sides a few minutes each until browned up and cooked through.

You will have these little bits of fried up herbs in the oil. Slice up the apple into medium sized slices and drop them in the hot oil, frying them up on both sides.

They soak up the leftover fried herbs in the oil. Season.

So good.

Serve with leftover mashed potato cauliflower, leftover from Mustard Beef Stew.

And go apple picking..


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