Deviled Egg Mini Summer Rolls

Ever had a party that no one showed up to? You wait and wait for guests that don’t come..

Well, this week I did. I made kimchi deviled eggs with some leftover kimchi. They were delicious.

But it is hard to eat 16 of them on your own…


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I had two summer roll wrappers left and thought to use them. Then I opened up the container and they were a bit cracked. Turns out that if you snap them into 4 pieces, you get cute little mini triangles that are adorable to eat.



  • 4 leftover kimchi deviled eggs (or just deviled eggs)
  • 1 tiny drizzle of sesame oil (almost too small to measure)
  • 2 summer roll wrapper sheets, snapped in two and then snapped in two again (4 tiny triangles for each sheet)
  • 1/8 avocado, cut into teeny tiny slices
  • 8 very teeny tiny matchstick slices of cucumber
  • a few spinach leaves, cut into thin matchsticks

Small chop up the eggs, season, and mix in a little bit of sesame oil. Submerge each wrapper sheet in a thin layer of water (I used a plate) until fully wet. Handle carefully. After holding it for a minute or two you will notice it go from dripping wet to slightly tacky. That’s when you put it on a flat surface, add in a little bit of egg and the other stuff, don’t pack it too much. Then fold in the bottom triangle, then the two sides and roll up like a burrito, tightly packed.


Quite a bit of work, but still adorable..

Maybe I will have guests at my next party..

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