Chicken Cracklings

Again, this is not really a recipe..

I don’t waste any of the whole chickens I cook, but the skin is always the hardest for me. I don’t eat it and it usually goes into the broth, making it greasy. You skim and skim and skim. 

This time, I just put it in a fry pan. Slow and low heat, until it crisps up, but watching to avoid burning it..

Crumble it up and put it on salads. 

What a treat!



  • chicken skin

Lay the chicken skin flat in a fry pan (cast iron) and cook on low for 30-40 minutes, turning, until it crisps up nice. Drop them onto a paper towel lined plate to pat some of the grease off. Let cool and then crumble into salads.

Salads are my new lunch thing with simple dressings.. So many variations..


February 15, 2017 Comments (0) Meat, Small Plates & Snacks

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