Cheese and Apple Stuffed Pork

We had to try all the Normandy cheeses.. of course.

What do you do with the dregs? Why, stuff it in pork with apple, wrap in caul, and bake.

The cheese seeps out and makes the gravy amazingly pungent and super French.


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  • 1 big piece of gorgeous pork
  • leftover melty cheese (Camembert, Emmenthaler, Cheddar)
  • 1 apple
  • fresh herbs (bay leaf? basil?)
  • 1 piece of caul (pig offal), or you could use bacon to wrap the thing up.
  • splash of oil
  • water (or cider)

Make slits in the pork and add slices of cheese and apple (or sausage or whatever you want). Add herbs and wrap in caul (or bacon). Saute up in oil to brown it on both sides for a few minutes.

Then into the oven to cook until done. Add a little liquid to the bottom of the pan. Water (or cider). 350 degrees for an hour or so, letting it rest 20 minutes.

Scrape any crusty good things off the bottom of the pan, cooking it down a little to reduce. Season to taste and then serve with the pork.


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