Chard Turkey Wrap

You should see the chard I have in my garden. It is massive.

I know I have wrapped tuna in kale, and put lettuce in tortilla wraps, but I just had to try wrapping my tortilla in chard..

Meg went traditional (left).


  • chardwrap1
  • chardwrap2
  • chardwrap3


  • x-large chard leaf
  • medium tortilla
  • fillings- carrot, turkey, red pepper dressing

You see, the chard goes on the outside, then the tortilla, then the fillings, and it all gets wrapped up like a burrito.

The trick here is to get a very large chard leaf and only take out minimal hard ribs so you can wrap it all up tightly.

And then eat it at the beach, of course!

June 22, 2015 Comments (0) Sandwiches

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